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So we have survived the move. Just barely but we survived. I am sorry for being a little scarce around these blog parts for the past week but moving tends to zap any creative wit that you have left in your brain. But I am back feeling like myself again even though we are living in chaos. There are boxes everywhere. I am pretty sure you could lose a small child if you let them into our house right now.  But little by little I think we will get through it. The great part is – is that the house already feels like home. It is strange but the transition to living here was completely seamless. It just felt right.  So even though the house looks like it exploded inside (or that we were robbed) I can see the light at the end of the tuned. You know what is helping that? Pinterest. Pinterest has the uncanny ability to distract you from what you need to do (like unpack) and instead dream about what could be. So here is some home design inspiration from Pinterest that I am hoping will inspire me to get off the couch and start unpacking.

Kitchen – lets start in the most important part of the house – the kitchen. I am a big fan of all white with dark countertops and brass fixtures but here are some images that are pretty fantastic and I would be happy to cook in them.



Bedroom – I am loving these simple bedrooms. If I had my way I would have an all white bedroom but since I live with a 100 lb hairy black dog who likes to share my pillow at night that is a bad idea but I can dream right?

home_inspiration_6 home_inspiration_11 home_inspiration_12 home_inspiration_16

Bathroom – Again I have a thing for all white. I just can’t help myself it is so clean. Subway tile plus brass fixtures is perfection.


home_inspiration_8 home_inspiration_17


Living room -  I am kind of loving these Moroccan shag rugs as well as the colorful Turkish kilims. Lucky for me, Luke just went to Turkey. I gave him strict instructions to not come home unless he brought home a Turkish kilim. He did and it is awesome.

home_inspiration_19         home_inspiration_10 home_inspiration_9

What do you think, are you inspired to re-decorate? I will keep you posted on the move and try and show some before and afters once the dust has settled.

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