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So I thought it was about time to add some more design elements to this site. I have gotten side tracked with food, food and more food. Ok, and maybe a little Chumley in there as well.  Last year when I was in Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday I found this great store, Palm Beach Regency, that sells amazing vintage Palm Beach style furniture. Think all things faux bamboo, regency, lucite and Chinese Chippendale.
 It was a warehouse of amazingenss. I wanted everything and everything. Sadly I live across the country from this store so it was not realistic for me to buy everything. But one can dream right? If you live in South Florida, run don’t walk to this store. I promise you won’t be sorry. But if you are like me and live across the country, they do ship. Check out their website that they update often since items move really quickly here, and their Pinterest account to see the latest and greatest in all things vintage.  Here are some pieces of furniture that I am in love with, as well as some inspirational images of how to use them.

I am in the market for some unique bedside tables. Poor Luke doesn’t even have one. These Asian Inspired Fretwork Side Tables  would be perfect. I would probably paint them to give them a quick update.



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I have a love of Chippendale chairs. I think it is because I love the geometric pattern on the back. These chairs are pretty amazing. Plus they are also rattan. I am not sure it gets any better than these.


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I have an unhealthy obsession with bar carts. Just check out my Pinterest board dedicated to the art of creating a bar cart. The things I could do with this bar cart.



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I know this is a little out of the ordinary to have a table with legs in the shape of an elephant’s head but it is pretty glamorous in my opinion. It would take some guts but would be amazing. Fretwork elephant console.



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One day I am determined to have a campaign dresser or campaign desk in my home. This desk would be perfect with a little coat of paint.



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I am in love with this ’70s Camer Murano Chandelier. Perfect addition to glam up a kitchen or even above a bathtub.



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Similar to my love of bar carts, I have a love of foo dogs. They are used in Chinese cultures to ward off evil spirits. These Foo Dogs would do the trick.



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I think every home should have a little faux bamboo in it (it is just so darn glamorous) and this Faux Bamboo Mirror is the perfect way to do it.



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Lucite is so chic to me. Probably not the most user-friendly dinning room, especially if you have kids,  but does that really matter? All the matters is how it looks right? This Lucite Dining Room Table definitely looks perfect.



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You can’t grow up in Florida without loving rattan. There are whole stores dedicated to just selling rattan furniture. Although I am not sure I am ready to outfit my whole house in rattan, these Moroccan inspired Rattan Chairs would be a great and comfy addition.



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 What do you think? Are you ready to outfit your whole house in vintage Florida finds? I sure am.


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    This reminds me of how cousin Betty decorated at the Passages. Do you remember? You were pretty little during the 80s ;) Plenty of rattan, faux bamboo and lucite tables! I feel like there may have even been some foo dogs! I didn’t realize how nice it was until many years later.

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