Alt Summit SLC Recap

Alt Summit Recap

So this blog continues to amaze me. Not to get all sappy on here but I am consistently blown away by this blogging community I have jumped into. This was seriously present at  the Alt Summit  Salt Lake City blogging conference that I attended last week. I think the internet can be one of two things  - a  scary place where you can write mean comments, stalk people on Facebook, or do nasty things to others hiding behind your computer screen OR a place where it can connect, inspire and create. I have chosen the latter (hopefully if not someone tell me right now).  And I was joined by hundreds of (mostly) women who feel the same way last week at what seems to be the mecca of blogging, Alt Summit SLC.


To be honest I was a little nervous to go to this. I didn’t really know anyone besides a couple bloggers who I had met once before at other conferences. Plus it was 3 days where all of the other conferences I had been to were only a day.


But in the end I was blown away and ended up having an amazing time. Seriously it was a blast. I kinda wish I was still there.  The days were long and intense but they were fun days. I think the conference could have gone 1 of 2 ways, when you get a large group of mostly women together sometime there can be cliques and mean girl attitude and Alt Summit could not have been farther from this. Everyone was open and kind and genuine. It was a pleasant surprise! I also got to catch up with some of my favorite brands that I have worked with here in the Bay Area, Minted and La Crema.

I wanted to share some of my experiences and pictures  here but most importantly highlight some of the amazing bloggers that I met along the way because they were the highlight of this conference.


I am going to start off with the nightly “speakeasy” that I was so fortunate to be a part of.  Last summer I met the incredible Aida Mollencamp while at Alt Summit NYC. We connected before going to SLC and she invited me to the “speakeasies” (basically late night cocktails) that took place in her room she shared with the gals from Dear Handmade Life every night. It was there that I met some seriously rad and amazing women, as well as picked up a rye whiskey drinking habit. We also played Cards Against Humanity. Have you ever played? It is incredible. Raunchiest of the raunchy but a great way to break the ice and make fast friends. It was my first time playing and I am hooked.

So here is the blogger roll call:

Obviously Aida for introducing me to the speakeasy but also being a blogger that I seriously admire. Check our her blog and drool all over her amazing food. (She also just put the recipe for the cocktails we drank every night, the Man-o-War on her blog. Go ahead and try one, I dare you.)

Dear Handmade Life  The amazing duo behind not only the speakeasies but the Craftcation conference, an annual conference for creatives.  Nicole and Delilah are genuine and hilarious and they also created the speakeasy signature cocktail, the Man-o-War. Check out their site or better yet go to their conference. It is this April in Southern California.


Greetings From Texas – Please check out Megan’s amazing blog. She is hilarious and has self published her own book. (I know, amazing right!?). It is called 99 Problems But a Baby Ain’t One. It chronicles her struggles with cancer, adopting a baby and naming their baby girl Macy after Jay Z. Check it out. Seriously I am in awe of her.

Melissa Hope//Otherwisehope  - Check out her blog for incredible images and then follow her on Instragram, you will not be sorry. She takes amazing photographs and happens to be one of the nicest and most thoughtful  people. I am trying to convince her to let me showcase some of her photography on here so stay tuned.


Whimsey Box - this is every DIY lovers dream, a subscription service that sends you DIY kits. Not to mention the founder, Alicia, who might be the smartest and coolest person on the planet.

Not Merely Living -  Mere from Not Merely Living is a fellow SF-er and blogs about all things inspiration and the inspiration she finds in her daily life. She also works in nonprofit here in the city so I have a special place in my heart for her after my 10 years in the non-profit world.


Leisurelist - Jessika, who run this blog and I lead parallel lives. We live only blocks from each other and happened to randomly meet at the airport on the way to SLC. (we also own scooters and go to the same yoga studio) Can you say doppleganger? She blogs about SF and all the amazing things to do in each of its unique neighborhoods.

I Heart Cleveland  - Charity is the authority on all things Cleveland and all things Airstream. Check her out and definitely hit up her site next time you are in Cleveland. (Her blog is so cool it makes me want to move to Cleveland) She said something funny at the conference – that if we lived closer to each other we would be friends in real life – I completely agree!

Sugar Plum Sisters  - I met Laurel and Pam at Alt Summit SF and love them. I was thrilled to run into them again in SLC. They live in Vancouver and might just be the coolest, most fashionable moms I have ever met.


Cathleya Schroeckenstein - Cathleya is amazing. She is someone who you ask yourself, how does she do it all? She is the Editor-in-Chief at Wedding Bee and Managing Editor at Momtastic. Also she is seriously fun to be around.  She lives in the Bay Area and I have been fortunate enough to meet her through blogger meet up she runs with Kara from Fabulistas and loved getting to know her.

Fabulistas - a mom and kid blog run by the effervescent Kara. She has the cutest kids and has an authentically hilarious voice throughout her blog. If that wasn’t enough, she also has an Etsy shop where she sells her self designed posters and co-runs the SF blogger meet up.

Jacolyn Murphy - I sat next to Alexis from Jacolyn Murphy at the La Crema sponsored dinner and immediately loved her. She enjoyed the wine as much as I did so we of course instantly became friends. Check out her site where she blogs about DIY, invitations and party planning.

Sarah Moore - I also sat next to Sarah at the La Crema dinner. She is a hilarious Texas girl who also enjoys vino. She has an amazing Etsy shop filled with stationary and invitations. Check her out.

So there is my roll call. Please visit their sites and get inspired. Also I wanted to share a little thanks for following along as I going on this blogging adventure. I was telling someone at the conference that I don’t know why writing on a blog comes so easy to me(most of the time at least). I would not say I am a writer at all. I hate writing birthday cards and thank you notes. Seriously with a passion. But for some reason spilling the beans here is so easy. So thanks for following along on my adventure. I promise to keep it somewhat interesting.


  1. Donna A says

    I love reading your blog! It’s so Amanda in every joyful and positive way. The photos are beautiful and the writing is your wonderful voice. You and your blog are inspiring, informative and FUN!!!!!!!

    • claudia says

      What a wealth of insight & support. I clik’d on some of the amazing sites – need to now stop ‘n eat before I can carry on – if only i drank whiskey. SOooo fun, “Christy” !!!

  2. says

    amanda! aka-christie!
    LOVE this post! thank you for the kind words about the speakeasy and about us! i was so happy to meet you – a genuine, funny, sweet, smart, witty woman… looking forward to hanging out with you at the bay area adventure club! email coming about out our next adventure soon :)

  3. says

    Thank you so much for including me in your round-up! I feel like this post is totally Amanda – generous, funny, and totally on the mark. Thanks for making the internet such a fun place to play! xx.

  4. says

    Love seeing some familiar names on here! I met Meredith at Alt last year and happy to call her a “real life” friend now. And those Sugarplum sisters…yes, so fashionable! And so so sweet. So bummed to miss out on this Speakeasy scene… most certainly need to recreate that back in SF as I need to taste this famous Man-o-war.

  5. says

    Hi Amanda

    Reading your post on the Alt Summit makes me really want to go to a future one. Do you think it is worth travelling from the UK to attend? x

    • admin says

      Hi Gemma, Thanks for stopping by. I can’t say if it is worth the cost because it is expensive but I can say that I loved it and had such a great time. It was exhausting but I left feeling so inspired. If you look at it as an investment for your blog/small business I think it is a great idea. Hope this helps?

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