Holiday Road Trip


We are back from our holiday road trip. We made it across 6 states for a total of 40 hours in the car. We all survived. I think. Here are some of the trips’ highlights.

We left San Francisco and drove west to Montana. I wanted to do the drive in one day but I lost that decision which was probably for the best. We drove about 9 hours to Elko, Nevada. Yeah, I hadn’t heard of it either. But it exists, promise.


We stayed one night there and then finished the drive to Montana. All in all it wasn’t bad. We hit some snow but not enough to really make a difference. Once we got to Big Sky, we did a whole lot of nothing, except eat, drink and sleep. It was perfect.


The one time that I would venture outside was to walk Chumley. This was his first experience in the snow and I think that dog belongs in the mountains. He loved it. Here is a little video of him trying to run in the snow. Yes we put dog booties on him. He hated them and we thought it was the funniest thing in the world.


We spent 6 days in Big Sky. After our time there we loaded up the car, again, and drove west for about 11 hours to Seattle. I had never been to Seattle and it is a great town. We stayed at the Alexis Hotel which allows dogs ( amazing!). Our first night there we ventured out to try an Italian restaurant that had been recommended to me, Spinasse, an Italian restaurant that looked incredible. But when we got there, there was a wait. So we walked next door to their sister restaurant Artusi to grab a drink at the bar while we waited. But we didn’t want to leave it was such a great spot so we stayed and ate at the bar and it was delicious. They had this pasta dish that was simply pasta, cheese and guanciale (which is cured pork) and it was incredible. I highly recommend Artusi if you ever find yourself in Seattle.

The next morning we woke up and attempted to conquer Pike Place Market. But it conquered us to be honest. It was fun to see but I was a little disappointed, especially because that there was no fish tossing. We took a ride up the Space Needle which was cool, but the best part was that the needle is next door to the Chihuly Museum. I seriously love Chihuily. How could you not – he makes these incredible hand blown glass sculptures that are just unreal. Here are a couple of my favorite.




After the museum we grabbed Chumley and hoped on a ferry to Bainbridge Island, an island located about 35 minutes from Seattle across the Puget Sound. Chumley was allowed on the ferry and handled himself quite nicely given it was his first boat ride. Bainbridge Island was beautiful. It was the perfect spot to recover from the shock of Pike Place Market.


We walked around the quaint town and even went wine tasting at a local vineyard, then hoped on the ferry in time for the most perfect sunset over the Puget Sound.


After our island excursion we went straight to The Walrus and the Carpenter  - a restaurant that came highly recommend. And it exceeded our expectation. We had oysters, smoked trout and sardines and it was all delicious. Definitely a must visit in Seattle.


The next morning we drove south to Portland. We found another pet friendly hotel, this time the Hotel Monaco. Chumley did try to pee on one of their indoor plants but thankfully I tackled him from behind before he got too far. I can see how an indoor plant that looks like an outdoor plant can be confusing in a dog friendly hotel. After checking in we went out in search of lunch and found the restaurant Irving Street Kitchen in the Pearl District. They had some seriously good bloody marys. (The best part of this pictures is Chumley in the background patiently waiting while his owners drink.  I know I am a bad dog owner. Between that and the snow booties I am surprised he cam home with us)


After we wandered around the adorable Pearl District we decidedly to try our luck at getting into Pok Pok for dinner. Pok Pok is the trendy and super popular Thai restaurant in Portland. I was really excited to try it given all of the hype it has gotten. One of my cooking school classmates said it was the best meal she has ever had. Hands down. I was ready to be blown away but sadly I was disappointed. We got their at 6 pm for dinner and had to wait 1 1/2 hours.(what is this new york?) We got seated in an outdoor tent extension of the restaurant which given that it was around 40 degrees outside, it was really cold inside. The food was delicious but it was overshadowed because I couldn’t feel my hands. You really need your hands to eat.

After one night in Portland we headed home. It took about 11 hours to get home but the drive was beautiful. We had wanted to head to the Oregon Coast which I had heard is stunning but sadly the weather was foggy so we would not be able to see anything. But the drive home was still beautiful.


We made it home and all in all the drive was not too bad. Chumley sat behind us like the Queen of Sheba and Luke and I traded off driving.


We are happy to be home I might go so far as to say we are ready to do it again someday.



  1. says

    No fish tossing at Pike’s? Impossible! Where the guys all sick?!?
    Pearl is not typical of Portland; it is the new Portland wannabee, and it is kinda touristy. You need to get out into the Alphabet District (also NW) or the SW to see the real Portland . . . Next time.
    Loving you food posts!

    • admin says

      Thanks Kate! We ventured into the Alphabet District (I think) for a beer at Lucky Lab Brewery. Thanks for following, Happy New Year!

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