2013 Holiday Card


For some reason there are little to no current pictures of Luke and me. After we got married, we just stopped taking pictures together. When we were first dating there are a million pictures of us together. Anywhere we went we took a picture. But now in the age of “selfies” and me taking pictures only for the blog, the pics of us together have been pretty slim. This poses a problem when it comes to holiday cards because, call me crazy,  ideally it would be great to have a holiday card with both of us in it. Just a thought.


Last year we did the automatic timer picture on the beach which worked but it is not my favorite picture. So this year I decided to take matters in my own hands and find a photographer for us. But I didn’t want to pay the huge photographer prices so I turned to Taskrabit. Have you heard of this company? It is basically the best invention. It sources people who are willing to do just about anything you need help with. For example, can’t make it to the grocery store, totally fine, hire a taskrabitt and for about $35 they will go grocery shopping for you. Or what if you don’t have time to make cupcakes for your kids’ school, hire a taskrabbit and they will do it for you. The best reason to hire a taskrabbit, I think, is that they will put together Ikea furniture for you. Genius! Head over to their site to see all the different kind of tasks taskrabbit will do.


I have a friend who swears by Taskrabbit so I decided to try it out. It was my first time posting a task on Taskrabbit and it seriously works. I posted a task for a photographer and within 20 minutes I had people bidding to do our holiday card pictures ranging in cost from $10 – $200.


Through Taskrabbit, I found Willy from Break Beat Billy. Willy is finishing up his Masters program but loves to take pictures. He bid on my job and after taking a look at his reviews and past jobs, I knew he was the perfect guy for the job. We met Willy on a very , very cold Saturday morning in Golden Gate Park at Metson Lake.  Since Chumley is a large part of this family, he was invited to come along as well. But in true Chumley fashion, as soon as we parked the car and opened the doors, Chumley jumped straight into the lake then proceeded to puke up his breakfast…everywhere. We were off to a great start.


I wish I could say that was abnormal behavior for him, but it is not, thankfully that did not phase Willy.  Part of the deal with Willy was that the photo session would only be about 15 minutes long. So we grabbed a couple of shots and called it a day, which was good since it was freezing. When I got the pictures back from Willy, they were perfect, exactly what I was looking for.  Don’t you just love the light that he captured in these pictures.


I of course used Minted for this year’s holiday card since I may be their most loyal customer. I just got my holiday cards in the mail and am determined to send them out before we leave for vacation on Friday. I just have to find everyone’s address now….

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!


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