Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Here is a holiday gift guide for all of the wanderlusts in your life who love to travel or who dream of traveling:


1Arrows Coral Scarf from Block Shop because having a scarf is essential for traveling. This one is a bonus because it is beautiful. 2. Cuban Style Fedora Hat  in addition to having a scarf, a hat is also essential because who wants to spend time on their hair when they are traveling. Fedoras are my go to hat because they are small yet stylish. 3. 1000 Places to see before you die  is a great book to have around the house. Helps you dream up the next place on your traveling list. 4. Eye Mask I know these looks silly but they work. I love that this one has a little extra room around your eyes. 5. Bose Noise Canceling Headphones you don’t realize how loud a plane is until you have tried these earphones that cancel out all of the background noise, including noisy travelers. 6. My favorite travel game is to spin a globe and see where my finger lands. This World Globe is the perfect globe to do it with. It would also look pretty great sitting on an office desk. 7.Canon digital camera – the worlds smallest DSLR is perfect for wherever your travel plans take you. 8. Navy Stars Women’s Toms hands down the world’s best travel shoes.  9. Aesop Hand Cream  because airplanes are seriously dry places. 10. Passport holder from J. Crew helps you keep your passport safe and this green color makes it easy to find in your luggage. 10. This Clare Vivier tote is the perfect carry-on or weekend travel bag.  11. Westward Leaning Sunglasses the best sunglasses in the world and perfect for throwing on and wandering around a foreign destination or covering up your puffy eyes after a red-eye.


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