St. Frank

So I wanted to share some exciting news, I was asked to be a tastemaker for the textile company, St. Frank. Seriously check it out.


How cool is that, right! St. Frank is a SF based company  started by a friend that sources beautiful textile art from artisans in developing nations all around the world. The best part about this line of textiles is that not only are they beautiful, they give back to the community that has created them. The goal of St. Frank is to not only create beautiful pieces of art, but also improve economic independence for artisans who create these textiles and preserve the traditional artisanal craft of creating textiles.

This is what I love about these pieces – they mean something. They have a story, which is exactly what I look for when adding pieces to my home. I was lucky enough to borrow a beautiful piece and test it out in my apartment for a couple days. I chose the Nam Lai (below)and loved it. I seriously did not want to give it back.


The Nam Lai piece that I chose was created  by Tai Lue weavers from the north river region of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.  The words nam lai mean “river flow” in Lao and provided the inspiration for this piece.The piece is fair trade cotton hand-woven using a freestyle weaving technique where naturally dyed cotton yarns are wrapped around a warp to create the bold pattern. This woven design is visible on the back as well as the front of the cloth. The pom-poms, which I love, added to the edges are a decoration traditionally applied to the end of a Lao man’s shoulder dress, called PhaBieng. This fashion embellishment has become a recent signature of Tai Lue textiles.

Don’t you just love that it is more than just a textile or a random piece of art? It has a bigger, deeper meaning providing some soul to wherever you place it.

In addition to being a stunning piece of art,  the textiles are the perfect thing to add to a home. I love the texture they bring to a room and provide depth and color.  Here is a closer picture of what it looked like in my bedroom – I put it on top of my dresser, a Craigslist steal that I refurbished recently, and put it with some of my favorite things, a conch and a Buddha found on my travels, as well as some other trinkets I have picked up along the way . I love the way that it adds neutral color to the room but adds another layer of texture for your eye to absorb. Isn’t it beautiful?

Nam Lai

I added some of my favorites here but head on over to their site to check out all the different textiles and framing options.

The Organic Blue: Made by an artisan in Mali, this indigo color is stunning!  How amazing would this piece be as a statement piece when you first walk into a person’s home?



 Blue Tenago:  I think I have a thing for blues but how could you not when they are this rich and vibrant? This piece is from central Mexico made by the Otomí people of Tenango de Doria.



Ikat Floral Suzani: a vintage one of a kind ikat made in Uzbekistan. I love the pattern and the colors, as welll as the depth in this textile -not only do you had ikat, but also embroidery over the ikat. Beautiful.



Don’t you love them? Head on over to their site to check all the textiles out. They even have these amazing bird ornaments hand-stitched by Palestinian women living in Gaza’s refugee camps and carried out of the Gaza Strip by the United Nations.

Birds of Peace

These are the perfect addition to your holiday decorations as the birds are symbols of peace and hope from a part of the world historically plagued with conflict.

So on this Black Friday – maybe you should skip the mall craziness and instead  invest  in a beautiful one of a kind textile that helps people around the world. It will feel way better than fighting the crazy discount searching crowds at the mall, I promise.


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