Online Spotlight: Minted

When Luke and I got engaged one of the first things that I did was choose a photographer. To me, photographs and food are the most important part of a wedding. I had seen the work of the uber-talented Kate Harrison and knew that she would be perfect.  She takes the most beautiful images that have the most incredible ethereal lightness to them. If you are planning a wedding in the Bay Area, please make hiring Kate your first order of business. She takes amazing pictures and is one of the most genuine people (which is important when you are not used to posing for pictures!)

It was through Kate, that I was first introduced to Minted – an online site where you can order personalized cards, stationary, invitations, and find amazing art and design.  Kate had worked with Minted before and recommended we do our wedding Save the Dates through the site. We choose a beautiful image she took of us  (and a hand painted date sign that took me days to make) during our “get to know you photos” and printed it with Minted. It turned out perfectly and from that my love of Minted was born. To date, I have done my wedding invitations with Minted as well as my blogger” business” cards, 3 holiday cards, a save the date, and my sister’s baby shower invitation. I put a copy of each one below, I couldn’t find my sister’s baby shower invites, but I promise they were awesome.


One of the perks of having our wedding photographer work with Minted is that our wedding images are used on the site. So when you look on the site you can find a picture of Luke and me as one of the holiday card templates! We are famous! Each year without fail someone finds us on the site and emails completely confused. To be honest I kind of love that we are on it – 3 years later I still love the picture they used and it is so fun being a part of a company that I not only love and use but I am actually on! We are literally and figuratively the poster couple for Minted.
 One year (maybe this year) I am just going to print the picture they have online of us and make that our holiday card.  Just pretend to be the Michaels and see if anyone notices.
I wish I was one of those people who could take the holiday card picture months in advance and then have them printed and ready to go November 1st. Sadly I will never be that person but I did recently meet a fellow blogger that by the beginning of October she had her holiday cards signed, sealed, and waiting to be delivered. I was amazed to say the least. Did I mention that she had kids as well?!?
If you are like me and have not done your holiday cards yet, check out Minted – they have a great selection of all types of holiday card . But they don’t only do holiday cards, they do pretty much everything and anything that has to do with design now – business cards, birth announcements and they even have amazing art prints for sale.
But if worst comes to worst and you can’t get it together enough this year to do holidays cards, do not worry you can use the one of Luke and me and pretend to be the Michaels as well.



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