Design Crush: West Elm

Every night I usually crawl into bed with my computer. It has become a ritual. Catch up on Pinterest and Bloglovin’ then go to sleep. The other night I was trying to limit myself a little bit and not be online at all times, especially before bed, so I grabbed a West Elm catalog that was in the recycling bin. (Because I had nothing else that was non electronic to read). I was shocked. When did West Elm get so cool? I wanted everything in that catalog. So of course I put down the catalog and went to the website  - because who really reads catalogs anymore.

West Elm has turned into a great design resource that is pretty affordable as well. I remember I when I lived in New York, they had a West Elm street on 18th street in Chelsea. I would always go down there to check out the goods in hopes of lugging something back up to the Upper West Side. It was always a bit too modern for me. But this has changed. Or maybe my taste has changed. Either way, here are my choices from West Elm. Sadly since our apartment is small and I am attempting to be fiscally responsible, I am going to refrain from buying most of this stuff. But I think I that cool cow print is calling my name.  Ok, ok, I know I am dorking out with a design crush but check it out and then try to tell me that they have not become the coolest store right?



Shop these items: /1/ industrial task table lamp/2/ marble print silk pillow/3/kasbah wool Rug/4/highland cows print /5/saddle office chair /6/mid-century desk /7/ parker mid-century bar cart 


  1. Megan says

    No need to waste money on that cow print – there are those same long-haired cows at our wedding venue (no joke). You can just snap a pic of one yourself!

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