Indian Springs Resort

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This past weekend I was introduced to Indian Springs Resort in Calistoga. One of my good friends here in SF is getting married in a couple weeks so we decided to have a girls day up at Indian Springs. The resort is located about 1 1/2 north of San Francisco in wine country and has some serious history behind it.  Set upon thermal hot springs in Napa, Indian Springs was originally built in 1862 and is California’s oldest operating pool and spa. The property has four thermal geysers that produce  warm, rich mineral water. as well as a natural deposit of pure volcanic ash. Who knew – right in the middle of wine country!

We drove up on Sunday and it was the perfect way to spend a crisp fall day with some girlfriends. Half of us got massages and the other half did their signature volcanic mud bath. I was fortunate enough to do the mud bath and it was amazing but not for the shy or sheepish. You literally get  buck naked and jump in a bathtub full of mud. It was pretty weird in the beginning but soon enough you discover that being in a bathtub of volcanic mud is pretty amazing. I will say there may be some truth to the healing properties of the mud baths. I won’t say who but two of us had serious hangovers from a little too much red wine from the night before and after a bath of that mud, we were as good as new.


One of the best parts of the resort is the pool. There is an adult pool and a kid pool – both of which are mineral and heated by the natural geysers below.


After our spa treatments, we camped out  all afternoon by the adult pool. Indian Springs lets you bring in your own food and drink so we had a picnic complete with cookies from Napa’s amazing Model Bakery.


Now that I know that Indian Springs is so close, I plan on taking full advantage of it. It would be the perfect weekend getaway for girlfriends or even a wedding since the grounds are complete with bocce courts and fire pits. Since we only drove up for the day, we did not stay in the rooms, but they look amazing. There are cottages you can rent or rooms in their newly built lodge.

Next time you are in wine country and you need a break from all the delicious wine tasting (or you need a cure from too much wine tasting) head on up to Indian Springs and jump in the mud, I promise you won’t regret it.

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