An East Coast Weekend – St. Michaels MD and Washington DC


We spent this past weekend in St.Michaels, MD – have you ever been there? I hadn’t and it is officially the most picturesque East Coast town. Set on the Chesapeake Bay, St. Michaels is a historic town with lots of charm and character. We were there for a friend’s wedding and were fortunate enough to stay at the Inn at Perry Cabin – which is a beautiful colonial B & B set right on the Chesapeake. The Inn dates back to the 19th Century and was the perfect backdrop to a weekend exploring the Eastern Shore.

We took the red-eye on Thursday night into Washington DC and the drove east about 2 hours to St. Michaels. Living on the West Coast, unfortunately the red-eye becomes part of your life. It is the worst – I am pretty sure that it takes years off of my life every time I fly. (It is like that torture machine in the movie The Princess Bride) I had one mini meltdown from exhaustion that was tipped off by the fact that I couldn’t find any crab cakes (yes, that really happened) but all in all it was an easy trip. After our weekend on the shore, we had a couple hours to kill so we spent some time exploring some museums in DC.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

The postcard perfect Inn at Perry Cabin.




The view from our room – amazing, right!?!?


After my meltdown I think Luke figured out that I was serious about my need for crab cakes.  We eventually  found some great crab cakes at this grocery store called Big Al’s. You know they are going to be good when the store is named Big Al’s.


On the day of the wedding we explored the area and drove out to this island called Tilghman Island. On the way there, we kept on passing these beautiful corn fields. Who knew that in addition to crab cakes and football, Maryland has some serious corn crops.

St.Michaels_WashingtonDC 8

The wedding took place at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels and it could not have been a more perfect spot. Set right on the water – it was stunning


Some dancing inside the wedding tent. I apparently enjoy dancing after a couple glasses of red wine. Just saying.


Before our flight home from DC we had a couple hours to kill so we decided to wander around The Capitol.


Since all the museums are free in DC (which is amazing) we popped into a couple. While we were in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, we caught a glimpse of the Hope Diamond. That thing is massive.  If anyone is buying, I will take it!


We also popped into the Smithsonian Museum of American History which has this amazing exhibit called Food: Transforming the American Table and of course is home to Julia Child’s real kitchen. Since she was such an integral part of the food movement here in the US,  after she passed away in 2004 they took her kitchen and add it to the museum.


Me and Julia.


All in all it was a great weekend but it was a catch 22 – I love living in San Francisco but weekends like this always make me want to return to the East Coast. Clear skies, cool mornings and changing of the leaves – it is perfection. It is easy to forget that in about 4 months this area will be a frozen tundra while I am still basking under the California sun. But I still miss it.


  1. Stef says

    Love those things about the East Coast too but our current weather and the pink sunsets are pretty darn nice. You do love a good glass of wine or two and a big spin on the dance floor, friend! Looks like a wonderful weekend.

  2. ashley says

    Love St. Michaels. That area is just so pretty. Oxford and Easton are also super quaint too. Spent 4th of july there a few years ago. Actually, parts of wedding crashers was actually filmed in St. Michaels. “Crab cakes and football, that’s what maryland does!” Love your pics and blog. xoxo

  3. dad says

    You will never look like Julia —-much more beautiful as you get older –great photos — don’t know how you do it– Love Ya

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