Wanderlusting: The Loire Valley

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When I was 15 I was fortunate enough to travel to France. It was my first real international trip – I got my first passport and everything.  I am pretty sure that trip solidified my love of travel and France. The trip was 4 weeks long during the summer with a group of fellow students and teachers from my high school. The first two weeks we travelled around France – the Loire Valley, Paris and Nice and then the second half of the trip we lived with a French family. (My French family “mom” was a topless dancer at Le Lido. That is a whole other post..maybe)

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Being 15, we had no real interest in seeing the places that we visited. All we were really interested in was the fact that they gave us wine with our diner and we were only 15. Only 15!  That and eating Nutella by the jars. Fast forward 16 years and I was reading this article in Elle Decor. I went to these amazing French castles on that trip and I do not remember anything from them. How sad is that!?! We visited the major chateaux like Chambord, Chenonceau and I basically have no recollection of them.

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So I have decided to place the Loire Valley on my list of places to visit or re-visit. How much better of a travel destination can it get – amazing architecture, hundreds and hundreds of years of history, wineries and incredible food. Or what about the fact that these are real life castles! Catherine de Medici hung out in one of those castles!

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Plus you can actually stay in the historic chateaux. Check out this B & B.

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I am pretty sure they didn’t have pools or Michelin starred restaurants back in the 1500s but I will overlook that.

Sign me up, I am going back one of these days. This time I promise to appreciate them a little more.What about you, are there any trips that you would like a “re-do” on now that you are older, wiser and not 15?

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