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So remember when we went camping for the 4th of July weekend? Well it was more like glamping because there were showers, bathrooms and a grill-  which is my speed anyways. I found a couple companies that are going to make my future glamping that much easier and that much more glamorous.  Now that I got the handle on how to camp in style, I think I am ready for more.

Check out Shelter Co. They are a company that provides pop-up style camping. They basically do all the hard work for you and you just show up. The tents come fully furnished and are chic European style canvas.

I mean look at these tents! They have full beds set up in them, as well as area rugs and lighting. I am pretty sure I could live in one of these tents.


In addition they have all these amazing additions you can add to your trip, restrooms,outdoor movie theater and even a dog tent so Chumley could come. This is my kind of camping.

Here is how it works. You contact them, tell them where you want to camp – if you need to find a spot, they will help you do that as well. You let them know how many people will be there and what kind of amenities you want and then you show up ready for a vacation.


Beside glamping for the weekend, this would be amazing for a wedding or family reunion right? How fun. Not sure how, but I am determined to find a way to use this service. Anyone want to do it with me?
Part of my “aha moment” when we were camping was that we needed to get an airstream. Our goal was to get an airstream and rent a piece of land in wine country and have that as our “country home.” Because yes, everyone needs a country home even if it is a trailer.  Our airstream search has stalled a little because Airstreams are not cheap, but I did find this company which will let me test out airstream ownership. Check out Airstream 2 Go. They actually rent you an airstream and a car big enough to pull it.  Genius!


What do you think? Are you ready to go glamping with me? If camping or glamping is not your thing, at least check out Shelter Co.’s Tumblr page, because it has some of the coolest pictures I have ever seen.

{photos via Shelter Co. and Airstream 2 Go}


  1. Stef says

    Glamping is clearly the only way to camp. We’re in! Josh will want to “rough it” so he can sleep in his dinky tent solo.

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