Kitchen Essentials

Luke’s family got me a Vitamix last year for my birthday. It was always one of those things that I wanted but was kind of embarrassed to admit that I wanted a $500 blender. But every time I use it, which seems to be at least a couple times a week now, I am in awe of it. It literally can do anything and everything. It can make peanut butter, chop cheese, make ice cream- I bet it would even walk Chumley if I set it to the correct dial.

So as I was using it the other day, it inspired me to share my kitchen essentials with you all. With wedding season in full swing and a lot of people registering, I thought I would add my two cents on what is really needed.  Like, do you really need that yogurt maker? What about a risotto maker? (The answer to both of those are NO)  Basically here is what I could not live without  both big and small- and if you couldn’t tell from the blog, I cook a lot. So if I were to re-register all over again, here is what I would make sure is on there:


1. Vitamix - Front and center, got to have it. Check out everything that it can do. Seriously if it could just make the bed, it would be the perfect appliance.

2. Salt Holder – I know this is a small thing, but I love mine. Since I am always putting salt on my food, this is the perfect little thing to have handy on the counter.

3. Le Cruset Dutch Oven – This is pretty much the most versatile pot, it can be a slow cooker for braising and stewing, it can hold hot oil when frying donuts and it can be used to make vats of spaghetti sauce. I love mine – and love the orange.

4. Boos Cutting Board - full disclosure,  I don’t have one of these. I have a wooden cutting board I got a Ikea when I first moved to SF that was like $5 but it still works. I may splurge on one of these one day. But a wooden cutting board is essential.

5. Kitchen Aid - My Kitchen Aid was a gift from an ex-boyfriend. My Kitchen Aid has outlasted him many many years. Enough said.

6. Scale - A kitchen scale  is probably one of the most useful tools that no one uses. These things help keep cooking and baking consistent because weighing ingredients by weight is more accurate than by volume. Check out this video for more information.

7. Keurig Coffee Maker - Luke got me this coffee maker last year and I love it. For those who don’t know, before I have my coffee in the morning I can barely function, let alone put coffee on. For the Keurig, all you have to do it pop a little cone of coffee in it and out comes a perfect cup of coffee in like 20 seconds.

8. Meat thermometer - Just get one of these. They are like 20$ and they will help you to always have well cooked (meaning not overcooked) meat by taking the internal temperature rather than relying on a recipe’s time.

9. Shun Knives – These are my favorite knives, because they never seem to go dull and I also feel like a ninja when I am using them with all the cool graphics on them.


  1. Donna says

    Kitchen Aid out lasting ex boyfriend = priceless. You need to call the kitchen aid people,you have a commercial here.

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