Friday Faves

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Friday Faves

1. Corn Pancakes – Wednesday night I had dinner at State Bird Provisions. You know the very popular SF restaurant that just has a two month waiting list to get in. Oh no I didn’t wait 2 months to get in. Instead I scored a table there by getting in line for walk in tables at 4:30. In the afternoon. Early, early bird special. I am happy to report that all the hype was worth it. We had a truly great meal. It was my kind of food – seasonal and delicious with none of that fancy stuff like foam and gel. Just good solid food. One of my favorites was a sweet corn pancake topped with a triple creme cheese. It was heavenly. So now I am dreaming about nothing but corn pancakes. These look pretty great too.

2. Santa Barbara - Design Sponge recently posted a Santa Barbara city guide and it got me all excited about a bachelorette party that I am attending there in a couple weeks for one of my favorite people! I can’t wait. I have only been to Santa Barbara for a hot second a long time ago, so I am excited to spend the weekend there with some girlfriends on the beach and maybe trying to spot Oprah who supposedly lives near by.

3. Removable wallpaper – I love our apartment but it is a little quirky. When you walk into it there is a long narrow hallway that I can’t seem to figure out how to decorate. I tried the picture thing and that didn’t work. Since we rent, I didn’t want to paint. So instead I am trying removable wallpaper. I just ordered some swatches from Swag Paper. Stay tuned to see if I like them.

4. Manhattanhenge - Twice a year, the sunset aligns perfectly with the east-west grid of New York, and the golden rays shoot down the streets. This beautiful phenomenon has been nicknamed Manhattanhenge – not sure why but I would love to see it one of these days. Manhattanhenge is happening tonight and tomorrow, so if you are in NY make sure to check it out.



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  1. Gail says

    Anxious to hear about the wallpaper – interesting.
    Is it too late to meet you in NY for Manhattanhenge???

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