Let’s go glamping

Glamping Vintate Trailer
We made it back (alive ) from camping and I am happy to report is was actually a lot of fun. Minus the fact that we forgot a flashlight and that I chased the UPS man around my neighborhood for an hour trying to get the grill I ordered from Amazon off of his truck before we left the city, it was a success!

The weather was a bit foggy while we were there so I only captured a couple pictures.

chumley camping
The campsite was south of Santa Cruz at a great spot called Manresa State Beach. The site was on a bluff overlooking the ocean and the beach. All of the sites had a fire pit and a water spicket plus bathrooms in walking distance. The fog rolled in just as we got there, but in a weird way it was nice and forced us to get closer to the fire. We made a delicious dinner of hot dogs, guacamole, watermelon salad and of course some s’mores. After a couple s’more and a couple classes of vino, we called it a night. Since we brought Chumley I was a little concerned about our sleeping arrangements – basically this was the first time Chumley had been in a tent(not that I was an expert in that area for the record).  I was picturing him trying to escape through the tent walls. But I am happy to report that I think that dog was made for camping. He was on his best behavior the whole time we were there.

The only downside our camping adventure was the lack of sleeping in. As soon as our tent neighbors were up, we were up. I made a campfire breakfast of coffee, biscuits, sausage and bacon. After breakfast we drove home the scenic way, all the way up Route 1 along the Pacific. It was beautiful. Although for the first time camping I think I did pretty well, I did have to go home and take a 2 hour nap because sleeping on the ground in a small tent with a big dog does not allow for the most restful nights of sleep. Or maybe I am just getting old.
Since I can now call myself a camper, I am hoping to do a lot more camping or let’s call my version of camping –  glamping (glamorous camping). I need a bathroom, a firepit and some wine, and then I can camp. While we were there we came up with the idea that we should buy an airstream. How cool would that be? The google helped us determine that airstreams are pretty expensive (who knew!?) but I still want one. Maybe I will find a cheap one on Craigslist and fix it up? Not sure where we would park that bad-boy in the city, but those are details to figure out after I have found one. Plus I just found out that our really great friends just got one as well! We can build an airstream commune up in Napa and live happily ever after. Here are some ideas/inspiration for glamping and my future airstream.


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Airstream 2

 {image via}

Glamping_PawsUp Resort

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 {image via}


 Check out this article in the NY Times about a couple who fixed up the below airstream for Burning Man. Not sure I will ever be ready for Burning Man, but maybe if I had an airstream like this I could go. Maybe.

What do you think? Would you want to go glamping with me?


  1. Cathy says

    Yay for Airstreams! Now we just need to find that land in wine country…maybe close to the Russian River ;)

  2. claudia says

    fun tale! that’s been my dream – an airstream w/a lap pool. i’ve the same coffee pot! and yes, i’d go glamping…

  3. says

    So glad you had a wonderful experience. I’m a stylish camping advocate and founder of a stylish camping equipment company (think pottery barn for camping). We’re always looking for people who can share great stories to get more people especially moms outdoors to camp! Thank you. http://www.dawnbitz.com

    • admin says

      Thanks so much for stopping by Dawn. Love your site – may have to buy a couple things before my next glamping trip.

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