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Friday Faves

Watermelon Margaritas - In celebration of America’s upcoming birthday, I am perfecting my watermelon margarita recipe. Stay tuned for details.

Eagle Mirror – one of my newest obsessions are these vintage eagle mirrors. I have been monitoring ebay for an affordable one for the past couple of weeks. My goal (if I can ever get my act together) is to create a gallery wall in our foyer with a bunch of art, pictures and one of these mirrors. If I can pull it off, I will share pics.

Nantucket – everyone in the blogosphere seems to be blogging about this new hotel 76 Main on Nantucket and with good reason. It is beautiful. In honor of the 4th of July, this hotel pretty much embodies the American aesthetic and Nantucket doesn’t stink either.

4505 Meats – So last week was a lobster and this week was a pig. Yes, I helped butcher a pig. Never one of those things that I thought I would ever do as an animal loving quasi-hippie. I am a little embarrassed to admit it, but it was fascinating.The company who taught the pig butchering class was 4505 Meats, a local San Francisco company. Their mission is to change the (nasty) meat industry by educating and teaching people about meat and the philosophy behind meat. I am sold. Check out their website  - they are doing some great things that makes my hippie side happy. (Do you watch Portlandia? If so, it is kind of like the chicken episode. If you have no idea what I am talking about check it out here)  Bonus, if you don’t live in SF they will ship sausage to you!


  1. Ginny says

    my parents just came to visit and brought a huge bottle of tequila (? they don’t even drink it!) and I just bought a watermelon. Waiting patiently for your recipe…

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