New York, NY (Part 2)

My New York tale continues.

New York Skyline


Saturday morning we payed homage to the icon that is the NY bagel by stopping by Pick a Bagel. You might remember my feelings on Pick A Bagel here, but I put those aside for the sake of breakfast. We then grabbed our bagels with some coffee and sat in Central Park  (do you see a theme here? Central Park and food = my version of heaven. I wish I could eat every meal there) After breakfast we caught a train up to Connecticut for a perfect New England summer day.
Grand Central Station

It is days like that that make me want to move back to the East Coast. For all of its strengths, and there are many, SF cannot compete with a warm New England summer day. New England to me embodies everything that is great about summer- sunshine, cool breezes, humidity and lobster.
New England summer day
summer in new england
After spending the day in basically what looked like a JCrew catalog, we returned to the city, changed and then headed out in search of food.
Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 9.57.11 PM
We ended up at this amazing little restaurant  Bacaro in the Lower, Lower, Lower East Side. I am pretty sure you could not get any lower. Bacaro is a little hole in the wall Italian restaurant that serves good solid food with great ambiance. We shared fried squash blossoms, then I had the spaghetti with duck ragu (out of this world) and Luke had this delicious lasagna.

After dinner, we walked uptown a couple blocks to the East Village and found Big Gay Ice Cream. Nope not a typo, the name of the ice cream shop is Big Gay Ice Cream and it is fantastic.
New York's Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
Basically they only serve soft serve ice cream (the kind that your would get from the ice cream truck ) but add amazing toppings. Luke and I shared the Salty Pimp (did I mention they have sassy names too?) which was vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, chocolate sauce, topped with salt. There are no words as to how delicious that thing was. Next time we go back ( eh, change that to when I go back, I am not sure Luke wants to wait 45 minutes again for ice cream) I am going back for the Bea Arthur which is vanilla soft serve, Nilla Wafers and Dulce De Leche. Yum.


Sunday morning we woke up and strolled over the Met Museum – which happens to be one of my favorite places.

Met Museum
Even though I worked there for a year and half and got paid pennies I still love it. There is magic in those galleries. We saw the Punk :Chaos to Couture Costume Institute exhibition, checked in on some old friends and headed to the rooftop which is only open in the summer. The view is one of the best in NY.
On top of the Met Museum
NY CIty skyline 4
After the Met, we started winding down our trip and the best way to do that was by eating of course. We went to Luke’s Lobster  (different Luke, not my Luke, although it would be pretty amazing for me if he could open a lobster roll store) for a lobster roll and some beer – the perfect way to end a perfect trip.
Lobster Rolls as Luke in NYC
Our trip to NY was exactly what we wanted it to be-  good weather, great friends and family, a little hectic and lots of delicious food.

Till next time NY. I heart you. You exhausted me to the bone, but I still heart you.


  1. Jon Racket says

    Nice Seminole hat smiley!! Is Connecticut really considered New England? I don’t think they drop their Ahhs there….but you may be right

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