New York, New York (part 1)

scenes from nyc

Ok, I am back and somewhat recovered from this past weekend.

Our time in New York was great, everything that I wanted it to be. Perfect weather – 78 and sunny, lots of good food and great company. The purpose of the trip was to attend Alt Summit, a blogging conference. Someone described it as summer camp for bloggers and although I hated summer camp, I really enjoyed Alt Summit. It is nice to meet other people who spend hours and hours in front of a computer, like me, posting about their life, hoping that someone cares.

Here is how the trip broke down:


I flew from SF to NY on Wednesday and got into the city just in time for dinner. A couple weeks back, I had been invited by Microsoft to attend a pre-Alt Summit dinner. I was floored when I got that email. Microsoft wants me to go to their dinner? Are they sure? Of course I said yes and didn’t give them time to change their mind (and realize that I have only been blogging for 6 months).

Dinner took place in Brooklyn at this amazing event space called Sunday Suppers. Sundays Suppers is a huge loft with amazing light and a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is mostly used for private parties and cooking classes. I was staying in Murray Hill/Gramercy Park area of NY and I had originally planned on taking the subway over. But  then I discovered the East River Ferry.

NY CIty skyline
NY CIty Skyline 6

While I was in NY no one went to Brooklyn and no one took a ferry. Those were the rules. But I discovered the easiest way to get to Brooklyn was on the East River Ferry and seriously, I have been missing out all of these years. The ferry has the most incredible views of the city, takes about 15 minutes and never has traffic. Had I known this back then, I probably would have gone to Brooklyn a lot more.
sunday suppers dinner menu
Sunday Suppers Dinner
Justin Hackworth Photography

{photo via}

Justin Hackworth Photography

{photo via}

Sunset over NYC

Dinner was delicious. I met some amazing bloggers and hopefully made a couple new friends.


Thursday morning I got up and put on my game face for Alt Summit. Packed my newly minted business cards and off I went to see Martha. I will dedicate a whole post to Alt Summit because it was that amazing.

Justin Hackworth Photography

{photo via}

I got to hear some inspirational bloggers speak, met a bunch of different bloggers from all over the country, ate a lot of Tate’s cookies (which are my favorite and just so happened to be part of the conference) and the best part, I got to see Martha. In person. Martha Stewart at Alt Summit NY

Seriously I love Martha. I am pretty sure she is responsible for my love of food and cooking. My sister and I would watch Martha on TV for hours. Her Thanksgiving special was always my favorite.

After Alt Summit, I met up with two of my girlfriends from college. I was hoping expecting to just grab dinner and a drink with them. Instead halfway through the conference I got a text saying we were meeting at a Turkish hamman. Naively I thought we were going for Mediterranean food, which was fine by me – I am always up for some humus, but turns out hamman is another word for a Turkish bath (Did you know that? Better question, they have those in NYC?)

I met them down in Tribeca at Aire,.  I didn’t bring a bathing suit, because I thought we were going to dinner. (silly me) so I had to borrow an old lady bathing suit from the front desk, which, let me tell you, was the height of glamour. The facility was beautiful old school Tribeca with beautiful brick walls. There were about 10 different baths, all public and unisex and all at different temperatures and alkalinity. So for 2 hours the three of us soaked in different baths, with perfect strangers. The best part was that this seems to be a place you take a date, so there were tons of couples canoodling while the 3 of us were ruining their dates by talking too much. All told it was an amazing facility and a great idea but soo not what I was expecting.

I loved catching up with them. I sure wish we lived closer to each other. (BTW they are opening a juice and tonic bar in NYC in the coming months, I will keep you posted but if you are in NY you have to check them out Body and Eden)


Friday morning I slept in (was exhausted from the conference and the 2 hours I spent soaking in a hot tub from the night before). When I finally pulled it together I went for a stroll down to Mario Batali’s Eatlaly for some breakfast/lunch. For those of you who don’t know Eatlay it is a food store that stocks anything and everything from Italy. It is huge! Walls and walls of cheese, bread, sausage and sweets. I even spotted a truffle! Sadly I could not afford it at 73$ an ounce. So instead I settled on an incredible heirloom tomato pannini and decided to trek uptown to Central Park to eat it.


Along the way, I walked by Lauduree and since there was no line, I had to go in for some macarons. 6 cookies and $21 later, I was head over heels with happiness. I sat in the park eating my pannini and macaroons. It was an amazing day.

Central Park Skyline Macaron in Central Park
NYC Skyline Central Park

Later that evening we had dinner with all of our friends and family in NY at De Santos in the West Village. The food was pretty good, but the company was even better. Still hungry after dinner (maybe that means that dinner was not good or I was talking too much) I made Luke stop at the local bodega for a pint of ice cream. This is one of the things I love about NY – you can get whatever you want, whenever you want. I wanted ice cream, so I walked a block and ice cream appeared.

The full post on NY is too long so I am going to split it into two

Part 2 cont’d tomorrow. 


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      New York fun and great shots!
      Love your storytelling … I wait in anticipation for the next, and next…

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