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Friday Faves

1. Taste - I know I am a food dork, but I am loving this book. Author Barb Stuckey is a Bay Area local and I recently got the opportunity to hear her speak on the science of taste –  which was fascinating.  We even did a test to see what kind of a taster you are.  I am taste tolerant which explains why I pour salt all over my food. If you are at all interested in food, I think you will love this book.

2. Stockholm – I am starting to plan my trip to Sweden to visit my godson. I am dreaming of smörgåsbords and the northern lights.  Once I figure out the itinerary I will report back.

3. Lobster Roll  - So this week marked a first for me. I killed my first lobster. With a knife. I am still a little traumatized by the whole thing but we made lobster soufflé out of him so his death was not in vain. Lobster reminds me of summer and since today is the first official day of summer, I am in search of a lobster roll.

4. African Headdress – I am loving the way these look in a room. The texture and the colors are amazing. Sadly they are a pretty penny but maybe one day.

Have a great weekend!

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