Addicted to Cookbooks

Cookbooks 4

I have an addiction. I can’t stop buying cookbooks. Just. Can’t. Stop.

Cookbooks 7
I don’t know what it is, but I am obsessed and when I find a new one, I completely convince myself that I need this. I have to have it.
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They are everywhere in my apartment – on the book shelf, in the kitchen island, next to my bed. Everywhere.
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To make matters worse, I recently discovered The Heirloom Book Company in Charleston. It only sells vintage cookbooks.  I think that might be my form of real life heaven.
heirloom cookbook company
Here is just a sampling of what they have – including a cookbook from 1861 on oysters and a must have for all Francophiles, Pardon my Foie Gras.
Vintage Cookbooks
Last time I was there, I found this amazing (and completely serious) book from the 1960s.  How to Keep Him After You Caught Him Cookbook.
Cookbooks 3
I was planning on giving it as an enegagement present to a lucky friend but my addiction took hold and I decided to keep it for myself. I am kind of afraid to cook out of it for fear of what crazy food they will make from this crazy idea.

My next conquest is the 1970s cult cookbook classic, Tee Time at the Masters.

My non-vintage cookbook that I am obsessing over right now is the Zuni Cafe Cookbook. It reads almost like a novel but the food is incredible.  It is pretty old school in that there are not too many pictures, but I promise all that text is worth it. Try the Roast Chicken with Bread Salad – it is perfection.

If you are in the market for a gift or new cookbook, here are some  of my recommendations

I am thinking about starting a Cookbook Club one of these days. Book clubs are out, cookbook clubs are in.

P.S.  I may have just bought Tee Time at the Masters while editing this post. My addiction continues, but I found it used for $3! How could I resist. My secret is Goodwill on Amazon. I also found my Zuni Cookbook copy for $5 from Goodwill. This justifies my habit right?


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