Scenes from the long weekend

How was your long weekend? Ours was great and as always it went by too quickly. We didn’t do a whole lot, which was needed, but we did  take a day trip up the coast to escape the fog in the city.

The one (and only) downside to San Francisco is the weather in the summer. Summers in SF are bonechilling. When the rest of the country is enjoying sunshine and wearing tshirts at night, the city of San Francisco is under a layer of fog and dressed in parkas. Something this Florida girl can never get used to.  But the crazy part is that if you leave the city, it is usually summertime weather everywhere else in the Bay Area but in SF. Something to do with microclimates that make absolutely not sense to me. Last Sunday was no expection. As if to usher in the first weekend of summer, the fog rolled in, so we decided to get out of town and get some sunshine.
MD Weekend 11
We even invited Chumley.
MD Weekend 3
Our first stop was my favorite place on Earth – Point Reyes. Located about an hour north of the city – it is pure heaven – makes you feel like you are a million miles away from reality.
MD Weekend 6
Plus – it has some of the best food – ever. My goal was to grab some food inPoint Reyes and then contiue down the coast and stop on the beach and have a picnic in Bolinas. Our first necessity was cheese – you can’t have a good picnic without cheese and of course, Cowgirl Creamery never dissapoints. After stocking up on $49 worth of cheese, we walked around the corner, grabbed a bottle of wine and hit up my second favorite spot in Pt. Reyes, Bovine Bakery. After we had enough cheese and cookies to ensure we would not be able to eat for the next two days, we  drove down the coast to Bolinas.
MD Weekend 7
Bolinas is an idealic old hippie town that seems even further away from reality than Pt. Reyes.
It is a small fishing/surfing community that if fiercely anti – toursit. Urban myth is that the locals move street signs so tourists won’t find their hidden town. BUT the local bar is called Smiley’s so I feel like we belong in some capacity. The locals probably disagree but who is asking them?
Since Chumley was invited on this day trip, we found a dog friendly portion of the beach and set up camp and watched the fog roll over San Francisco under the Bolinas sunshine.  

MD Weekend text
It was heaven – one of those days where everything just comes together – great food, good weather and a well behaved dog (meaning he didn’t eat an 8 yr old’s sandwich this time).
MD Weekend 12 MD Weekend 16
MD Weekend
MD Weekend 15
MD Weekend 19
Sadly we had to go back to reality, and the fog was waiting for us as we drove over the bridge to welcome us home.
MD Weekend 21


  1. Tess says

    I can’t take your photography. Every picture makes me want to time warp to where you are .

    Even the one in traffic…

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