Portraits of pets..crazy or totally normal?

I got home the other afternoon to find Chumley’s face completely swollen  - he couldn’t even open one of his eyes, the poor guy. I rushed him to the vet and it turns out    -after dropping 100 big ones – they have no idea what happened to him. He probably had an allergic reaction to something or got stung by a bee (or possibly tried to eat the bee). He is fine but it was ohhh so sad to see him like that – truthfully I don’t think he had any idea that his face had pretty much tripled in size. After some serious tranquilizing benadryl he is back to normal.

While I was waiting in the vet’s lobby, I noticed some incredible animal portraits that reminded me of a portrait we have of Chumley that I love. Appropriately it hangs over our bar.  While Luke was in graduate school he won a silent auction item that included a custom painted picture of his graduate school’s campus by a friend’s wife who is a professional artist. Instead a boring picture of the school, we thought it would be money better spent on a portrait of Chumley (naturally – who wants to see a picture of a building when they can look at this guy!) Here it is – Chumley was about 5 months old in this pic..Chumley Collage

What do you think? She really captured that “I look really innocent if I tilt my head” look right? For the record he still does this look daily and it melts my heart.

I was having a conversation the other day on getting portraits of pets and whether that was crazy or totally normal. Personally I love it and think it adds such a personal touch and quirkiness when used as home “decor.”

If you are in the market for a portrait of your favorite pet (and who isn’t) here are some different options I found here:

Luke jervis pet portrait
I love these quirky  old english portraits – they are hilarious. The artist, Luke Jervis does a fantastic job – too bad that he lives in England or I would have already commissioned one of those. Can you imagine what a great conversation starter this would be? Chumley painted as a lord or better yet, a barrister!
luke jervis 3
Also, I love these psychadelic portraits by Brooke Churchill. Little bit hippie, little bit awesome.

Brooke Churchill collage

I discovered  photographer Erin Vey through one of my daily reads Elements of Style and she has some stunning photographs where she captures the dog’s personality really well.
erin vey 1
erin vey 2
erin vey
Etsy always has some great options  - check out Kate Pugsley’s Etsy shop.
Kate Pugsley collage

An illustration style could be really cool, like Happy Menocal’s.

Happy Menocal 1
Happy Menocal 2

What do you think? Am I totally crazy? Obviously it goes without saying that it doesn’t have to be all about dogs, it could be a cat or horse or ferret but I come from a serious dog family, I mean serious. My dad had a bust and a portrait of his favorite dog in our house growing up so this all seems so normal to me. Maybe I am only sort of crazy?

Speaking of crazy dog people, have you seen the website Maddie on Things? It totally cracks me up. It started off as a guy photographing his dog in some bizarre  poses and places -like on top of a fire-hydrant!  Thanks to the power of the internet and crazy dog people, Maddie the rescued coonhound now has her own book and Smartphone App!
Maddie Cam collage


One day Chumley, one day.

Ok, crazy dog lady signing off. Over and out.


  1. Donna Aragon says

    Chumley as a Viking with one of those hats? Or ye Olde Chumley with a big turkey drumstick in his mouth? Chumley making a Dagwood deli sandwich? Chumley stomping grapes? Get on it Amanda!!

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