My not so green thumb…

Thankfully the weather around here has started to heat up and the Florida girl inside of me is just jumping for joy (still not t-shirt at night weather, but I shouldn’t hold my breath for that)Like many, one of my favorite things about summer-besides the sunshine- is the food. Mostly because during summer months I live on white nectarines and tomatoes. Tomatoes, specifically heirlooms tomatoes are one of my most favorite meals – just cut one up and top with olive oil and salt – pure heaven. I could eat them by the pound.

Only problem with my heirloom tomato addiction is the price (I am talking to you Whole Foods). So, in an effort to save some money this summer I have decided to become an urban farmer!- well sort of – I am planting my own urban garden on my back porch.

My track record with gardening of any type is not so great. I attempted tomatoes once before and it ended miserably. That tomato plant never had a chance. I planted it at the same time we adopted Chumley. As a puppy, Chumley was a terror and while we were trying to house train him, he decided that my poor tomato plant was the best place to go to the bathroom. I was torn – beautiful luscious tomatoes or dog pee all over my house.  I sacrificed the tomatoes. This time around, Luke helped me hang the tomato plant so it has a leg up on the previous tomato plant – but I am pretty sure Chumley could still figure out a way to pee on it.
garden 6
garden 3
garden 4
working on door

A friend last summer had planted the Topsy Turvy hanging planter in all its “As seen on TV” glory with much success, so I decided to try that. I planted 3 different types of tomatoes: yellow cherry, black plum, and glacier.
I also bought an herb planter (which basically was one of those shoe holders from your dorm room) from West Elm for some baby lettuce, arugula, basil, rosemary, parsley and chives.
hanging herbs
Fingers crossed that by mid-summer I can show you a picture of my very first tomato topped with my very own basil…one can dream right? Now if I could just figure out how to grow white nectarines.


  1. Jon Racket says

    I am so impressed every time i read your posts…everything looks so cool and your ideas are so creative. Not to mention delicious.

    • admin says

      Thanks Jon Racket – fingers crossed that I don’t kill these :) Maybe I can serve these to you when you are here in July!
      Thanks for your sweet words, means a lot. xx

  2. says

    I planted my very first tomatoes last summer and i was SO proud when they grew up! It’s a lot of fun to watch them grow – one tip I had someone tell me: tomatoes love water on their roots. I stuck some old hose down into the pot with mine and would water down the pipe. They told me they liked it ;)
    The pictures are amazing! You make gardening look neat and clean!!
    Happy gardening!!

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