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LA Weekend 7

Luke and I spent this past weekend in LA. We went for Luke’s graduate school reunion and hit the town. It was a great weekend with lots of friends and good food – the best kind.

I must admit when I moved to SF my idea of LA was totally different. Plus people in Northern California (NorCal) tend to think that Southern California(SoCal) is lame and devoid of culture and vice versa. But recently I have been spending more and more time in LA and have really started to love it. (Please don’t tell my fellow San Franciscans, I don’t want to get run out of the city)

Here are a couple highlights.

First off we stayed at Mr. C’s in Beverly Hills. Mr. C’s is part of the Cipriani empire and embodies all things chic and glamourous. Exactly what you would expect from a hotel in Beverly Hills.  It was wonderful and I highly recommend.( For the record, we got a group discount which is probably why I could convince Luke that we neeeeded to stay there.)

Mr C's Beverly Hills
Mr C's Beverly Hills
mr c collage

In between scheduled reunion activities we tried to soak in as much LA as possible. I caught up with my godmother and a friend from college at the uber- hip and trendy Gjelina. We had a 5:30 reservation which makes us not very hip and trendy but we still got to enjoy the amazing food and fantastic energy of this place. The decor, the food and even the snobby hipster waiters make this a great spot to try. I had the kale salad and squash blossom pizza (see pic below). The pizza was incredible. Just the right amount of toppings, thin crust and a large serving of buratta on top.  If you are ever in Venice, make sure you try this place. It also has take out so you could grab a pizza and maybe eat it on the beach? That might be easier than fighting the mob to get in.


gjelina collage

My other food adventure of the weekend was a James Beard Award winning taco stand called Yuca’s. It is litterally in a parking lot but don’t let that fool you…it is oh so delicious. This place is legit.

Mr C's Beverly Hills

Luke and I were also able to sneak in a hike while we were there. I love the mystique around the Hollywood sign and had heard of a hike through Griffith Park to get up close and personal with the sign. Although the hike never let us get too up close or personal with the sign, it was beautiful and we caught some amazing views of LA. Here is the backstory to the sign – so funny how it  has come to embody all things showbiz over the years when it was originally intended to help sell real estate in the 1920s.

LA Weekend 3_edited-1
(Hollywood sign from our hike…not exactly the close up I was expecting)

LA Weekend 2

I would like to spend more time in LA. I don’t really dig the whole famous person celebrity thing, but parts like Venice, Santa Monica and Los Feliz have great energy  - combine that with the warm weather, I could quickly get used to it.


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