When we strike it rich…

Luke, Chumley and I live in a pretty small apartment. We love the charm, our tiny view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the high ceilings. But it is small – I guess that is the price we pay for living in SF.

So I have decided when we strike it rich (which could be any day now right!? Powerball winners 2013?) we need 3 things in a new apartment:

  • A king size bed
  • washer and dryer
  • Two sinks in the bathroom -or if we are really dreaming, separate his and hers bathrooms

Since we are dreaming… here is what my ideal bathroom would look like. Lots of bronze, black and white. And that tub! I might just live in that tub if it was mine.

Bathroom Mood Board

Sorry Luke and Chumley no boys allowed.

What do you think – what would your imaginary and ideal bathroom look like?

Also check out this post on the great blog Oh Happy Day  and see how her family of four live in a small SF apartment and make it look easy and chic! I should count my blessings – at least there are only 2 1/2 people in our apartment ( I give Chumley status as 1/2 a person since he weighs 100lbs).



  1. Chase says

    I like the copper tub!! I just went to that lady’s site and 1. she has the same lotus pendant in her hall that I have in the library!! I can’t tell if they’re the same size though. 2. You and I both KNOW girlfriend did some major cleaning before snapping those pics! Small spaces are rough. I’m certain yours is very chic. Our small space is covered in books which I think is tres chic but the husband isn’t so sure. = o )

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