Real Estate Lusting in NYC

Before moving to San Francisco, I lived in New York.  I was right out college and it was both the most amazing and hardest time. I love, love NY – I tell Luke that I want to move back all the time,  but New York is expensive and unless you are a billionaire (which I am not) – day to day life is not the easiest.  When I lived there I made no money – I worked for a museum and they paid pennies (the feeling was that it was an honor to work there…)

Front Door

My first apartment in NY was shared with 2 of my girlfriends from college. We converted a two bedroom apartment into three by throwing up a flimsy wall in the middle of our living room leaving us with a living room that was 2 x2 with no windows. We would literally be sitting in the living room and had no idea if it was sunny, snowing raining or hailing out. That apartment also had mice and cockroaches. It was really fun every time you turned on the oven thinking you were going to get a crispy mouse with your food. It was a glamorous time in our lives.

One of my favorite past times in NY was to wander through different neighborhoods, look at the amazing architecture and imagine how fabulous it would be to live in say -a townhouse on the Upper East Side or in that trendy loft in Soho that I was passing by.

I used to walk by this one apartment on the Upper East Side and always loved the front door – mostly because it reminded me of one of my favorite photographs by Cartier Bresson.


Now by virtue of the internet, I still look at NY real estate.  I was recently perusing the Corcoran site and discovered that apartment is for sale for a cool $24 Million. Not sure I can afford that right now (or ever)…but I finally get to see what it is like inside.


Inside 3

Inside 2


I imagined the inside a little different but it is still pretty amazing. If you want to buy this apartment – check out the listing here -  and then invite me over for cocktails when you move in!


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    Hi Amanda!
    Gosh, am I jealous of you that you lived in NYC before moving to San Francisco! These two cities are amazing. And I do miss NYC too, my husband and I travelled to the Big Apple in 2008 and we still want to go back someday. :-)
    I also imagine what kind of interiors you would find behind cute doors, and this apartment looks big, and maybe it is not my style, it does look classic, grand and very elegant!
    Lovely blog by the way… I was just checking out other fellow students’ blogs from Blog Boss e-course. :-) Hope you’re having a great week!
    Love, Inge x

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