Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Pattys Day Dinner4

I am going to be honest, I strongly dislike St. Patrick’s Day. It is kind of like Halloween in my book – it is a reason for some serious public drunkunness and nudity. (That is unless you have kids and then both of those holidays take on a whole different meaning) We live in a neighborhood that explodes when St. Patrick’s Day (or Halloween for that matter) comes along.

Last year, while walking the dog at 3 in the afternoon, I caught a drunk girl going to the bathroom in a neighboors doorwell. I mean come on! There are so many things wrong with that picture- I am still traumatized.

St. Pattys Day Dinner7


So in an effort to save myself, Luke and our friends from the chaos that ensues in SF for St. Patricks Day, I am having a St. Patty’s Day feast! The theme of the dinner is booze and beer. I figured we could celebrate St. Patty’s in our own “grown up” way.

St. Pattys Day Dinner10

Here is the menu

Irish Cheddar Fondue

Beef and Guinness Pie

Buttered Cabbage

Colcannon Pie

Irish Soda Bread

Chocolate Stout Cake

Bailey’s Irish Cream Ice Cream ** (substituted 1/4 cream with Bailey’s)


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