PALM SPRINGS (part one)

I am back and the road trip was a success!

I made it down to Palm Springs late Thursday night. The drive from San Francisco took about 7 hours but was not too bad. Plus, my co-captain was Chumley so he kept me company…sort of.

We stayed at the La Quinta Resort which is about 20 miles outside of Palm Springs. The resort was beautiful – amazing grounds with old – school hacienda style rooms. The actual rooms themselves were a little dated, but nothing too bad. The best part of the resort were definitely the expansive grounds, as well as how dog friendly it was- they even gave Chumley his own bed and dog bowls.


On Friday morning I had grand plans to go on a self-guided architectural tour of Palm Springs. But as soon as I got to the first stop on my tour, it started raining. I thought it didn’t rain in the desert! So I only got one picture in. The Tramway Gas Station, designed by Albert Frey. It really is a cool building and it now houses the Palm Springs Welcome Center. I love the crazy line of  the roof.


Since I didn’t really pay homage to any other mid-century design meccas – here is what I wanted to see:

KaufmanHouseAlexanderHouseTwinPalmsMiller_House,_Palm_Springs,_CaliforniaEdris House - E Stewart Williams 7041294615_88e172838b

With the rain ending my self guided tour, I decided the next best thing was to go shopping. My first stop was Retrospect. A very well curated store that was sadly out of my budget. They did have a version of this table which I loved, but was seriously way over what I could spend.


After Retrospect, I stopped in at Dazzles and fell in love. Every ounce of the store is filled with vintage goodness. It is not the most organized store – but the owner Mike, helps you dig through. It was at Dazzles that I was introduced to Bakelite. Have you ever heard of it? Here is some more info but it was basically the first ever plastic created in the early 20th Century and it was used for all sorts of things, including jewelry. They stopped making it after WWII but it has a pretty big cult following today in the world of vintage jewelry.

So I decided I needed my first piece of Bakelite. I purchased a neon green bangle that has this fantastic neon yellow patina. Here is a pic, although not a very good one:

Palm Springs 22

If you are interested in getting your own Bakelite check out Etsy or ebay. But I did learn that it is hard to tell if the piece is Bakelite so here are some ways to tell if it is real.  I also feel in love with vintage costume jewelry. For some reason it spoke to me so this might be my new vice. I was on a role with bangles and earings. Here is the loot (sorry again for the bad pic)

Palm Springs 21

Couldn’t fit the whole weekend in one post, so tune in tomorrow for the report on the rest of the weekend…


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