Summer Recap


So I am going to finally accept it, summer is almost gone. I am headed back to Boston for my 10 year college reunion (yikes, when did that happen?) and it is going to be full on fall there with changing leaves and crisp cool New England nights.  I wanted to hold onto summer in one last post and recap some of my favorite summertime moments, both in food and travel.

1. Watermelon and Tomato Salad – the quintessential summer salad

2. Bahamas – an epic family vacation to Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas

3. Zucchini Tart – the perfect way to use up all of that zucchini that seems to be laying around in the summer

4. Carmel and Big Sur – a spur of the moment trip that ended with the most magical sunset

5. Strawberry Basil Gin Fizz – the drink that started my love affair with gin

6. Big Sky Montana - a long weekend under that big beautiful Montana sky

Thank you summer,  you were awesome, you keep on getting better and better each year. Ok fall, bring on the shorter days, cooler nights and all things pumpkin and apple.

Figs with Mascarpone, Honey and Pistachios

To me, figs are the quintessential summer food. Truly seasonal, you can rarely find figs (other than dried) outside the months of August and September.   Figs are lusciously sweet with a unique taste and texture  – chewy on the outside, sweet and creamy on the inside with just a little crunch thanks to the seeds. There are a lot of different ways to eat figs—they are great on flatbread with arugula and prosciutto, you can bake them into a pie or galette, you could wrap them in bacon and grill them or simply broil them with some feta and top with mint. But my all-time favorite way to eat them, which might also be the simplest, is to serve figs with mascarpone, honey and pistachios.
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Zucchini Tart

I recently cooked dinner for 25 people. All by myself.  I know, I am crazy and I may have lost my mind in thinking I could do it alone. But amazingly I did it and survived – with only one minor slice to my finger. I cooked for a fellow blogger friend for her 30th birthday. She rented out Cookhouse, in SF which is an amazing event space that can be rented out for dinner parties or cooking classes. It also happens to help that I teach cooking classes there so it felt easy to work in, even if it was dinner for 25. The birthday girl’s husband was a vegetarian, as were some of her friends.  In an attempt to make sure they had enough to eat – we were serving steak and they can’t just have salad for dinner! – I came up with this zucchini tart. I must say it is pretty darn tasty.
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Labor Day Weekend

How was your long weekend? Was it amazing? It is hard to believe that Labor Day weekend has officially come and gone. I am not going to accept that summer is over, until it is really over. Like September 21st over. Regardless we had a great weekend. We had absolutely no plans, which led to an amazing weekend. That is usually how it works, right?
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Frenchie Cocktail

I am holding onto summer as long as I can. It feels like it just began and now it is almost over. But it is not over, till it’s over and I am not letting go. We had our first real warm summer in a long time since moving to Oakland from SF and I am loving it. The weather doesn’t change too much here in the fall, but it is those long warm summer days that I am going to miss. Do you know what else happens on long warm summer days? Long delicious summer cocktails on our deck, like this Frenchie cocktail which is oh so delicious.
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Big Sky Montana

So I took a little hiatus from the blog this week. I didn’t mean to but it kinda just happened. Sometimes words come pouring out of me and sometimes I got nothing. There is no rhyme or reason as to why it happens. Sometimes it is easy to sit down and write for hours and sometimes nothing comes. All of that is to say, maybe a little break is good – gets the creativity back in check. Right? Well these pictures from our time in Big Sky, Montana last weekend certainly gets my creative juices flowing.  We were there for my sister-in-law’s wedding and it was a beautiful weekend. Luke’s family grew up going to Big Sky and I have been fortunate enough to have gone a couple times over the last couple of years and it is quickly becoming of my favorite spots. Fresh mountain air and big wide open skies, it is an amazing place. Here are some pictures from our trip.
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Big Sky, Montana


I am off to Big Sky country for a few days to celebrate my sister-in-law getting married! It is going to be an amazing couple of days filled with outdoor adventures like fishing, hiking and zip lining – and of course a beautiful wedding. Make sure to follow along on Instagram. See you next week!

Tomato Watermelon Salad

I know I have been posting nothing but salads recently, but that is all I seem to want to eat. Nice crisp, cold salads. This one is no exception. You wouldn’t think it, but the combination of tomatoes and watermelon together is pretty amazing. Sweet, tangy perfection. One of these days I will start posting other recipes like pies and hearty fall food, but until then I am getting my fill on fruits and vegetables because this tomato watermelon salad is what I am going to be dreaming about come cold, dreary January.
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