Acai Bowl


Breakfast is one of those things that’s really good for you but no one seems to have time for it. Or at least I don’t. For a while my breakfast was two cups of coffee and nothing else. I quickly learned that by 11 am I was so hungry that I would eat anything that was in sight. Hangry doesn’t even begin to describe it. Also, it is not the best tactic if you are ever trying to watch what you eat.
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Coconut Curry with Chicken and Tofu

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions or intentions?I had the best of intentions to eat really clean the month of January. In theory I wanted to avoid gluten, dairy and alcohol.  Sadly I couldn’t even make it a week! My lack of willpower is seriously lame.  I have already had a couple delicious cocktails as well as a delicious pizza from a local pizza shop. I am ok with it partly because it was worth it and also in general I try to eat pretty healthy all year-long. (but still I could have gone longer than a week!). Since I am surrounded by food all day, I think I am hyper aware about what I eat, because if I didn’t I would be eating brownies and cupcakes all day (although that would be tasty, the end result would be bad).  This coconut curry with chicken and tofu is the perfect example of the way I like to eat these days,  a dish with lots of flavor, really filling, easy to make and totally good for you.
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Chicken Pho


I am no expert, but I am pretty sure chicken pho cures everything. A while back I travelled through Vietnam and I came down with the usual travellers sickness. I was down for the count until I tried my first bowl of pho. It completely cured me. More recently I enjoyed a couple too many glasses of red wine one night over the holidays and woke up feeling pretty awful. One bowl of chicken pho and I was back to normal.
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Holiday Vacation in Florida


So it is officially time to get back to real life right? I am excited to jump headfirst into 2015.   These past two weeks felt like the never-ending holiday break where everyone was on vacation and it was totally fine to stay in bed for most of the day. I am not complaining. For the first time in a while (certainly the entire month of December) I feel completely rested. It is a bizarrely foreign and amazing feeling.  For part of the holiday break we went to my hometown in South Florida where we spent the week catching up with family and enjoying the warm weather, not to mention citrus fruit and key lime pie. Here are some pictures from our holiday vacation in Florida.
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2014 Year in Review


After an amazing trip to Florida for the holidays (pics and details to come) I am finally having the chance to regroup and catch up on what I have missed/ignored.What I  quickly realized is that I overlooked the fact that the year is really almost over. Like I am pretty sure it is already 2015 in other parts of the world. So before we go head first into 2015 with its new adventures,  I thought I would reflect on 2014 and what an incredible year it has been with this 2014 year in review.
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Holiday Candy


For me, holiday gifts can be tricky. On the one hand I want to celebrate all of the people in my life but sometimes it can get a little crazy trying to find something special for everyone. Plus to be honest I am not the best shopper, I get a little stressed especially with the holiday madness. As a remedy I have started to make food gifts for all the people in my life. It has become a tradition to block off a Saturday in December and spend the whole day making holiday candy. My favorite candies to gift are homemade vanilla bourbon marshmallows, chocolate bark and my all-time favorite homemade peppermint patties.
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La Road Trip

La Roatrip

This past weekend I took a last-minute, spur of the moment LA road trip. Our house is under construction and there is a layer of dust literally everywhere, so when a friend emailed and invited me to a holiday brunch I immediately said yes, I would be there. I was joined by a friend and the two of us hit the road for a road trip filled with eating, drinking and sightseeing. It was a whirlwind 36 hours but so much fun.
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Holiday Crostini


Can you believe that it is already December? Where in the world has 2014 gone? I still feel like it is July (I know I say this every year). Even though this year is flying by, December is one of my most favorite months; a month filled with holiday lights, cooler weather and of course holiday parties. Lots and lots of holiday parties. What better way to spend an evening than eating getting boozy and celebrating the season with friends and family?
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